Sewer Line Excavation and Repairs

Sewer lines are like most other systems that help our homes run smoothly will eventually require maintenance or repairs. While you can delay the repair of other appliances in your home, issues with sewer lines must be repaired immediately. When you have an issue with your sewer line on Long Island, YOU KNOW IT (and so do your neighbors). Delaying repairs on sewer lines in Nassau or Suffolk county can often lead to more costly repairs and cause potential health hazards. You want to avoid exposure to sewer gas. Exposure can cause a variety of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and impaired cognitive abilities. The unpleasant smell is the least of your worries! At Reliable Contracting, we utilize a variety of strategies to repair sewer lines on Long Island. External Excavation is the most traditional method of repair. Trenches and tunnels are dug to access the sewer line. The pipe must be exposed so it can be replaced or repaired more easily. Interior Access Excavation avoids having to dig up a large section of your property. This can be more expensive than an Exterior Excavation but you save money on having repair large sections of your backyard. Our skilled experts will assess your unique needs and guide you on selecting a method of repair that will fix your sewer line with the least disruption to your property and most importantly, fits your budget.

Reasons for Excavating Sewer Lines on Long Island

While no one wants to have their lawn excavated, if your sewer line needs to be repaired; you don’t have an option! Some reasons why excavations are performed on Long Island:

  • The existing line is damaged. This is often caused by tree roots. Damage to your sewer line can also be caused by oil, grease, and flushing things other than toilet paper. Avoid costly repairs by scheduling routine maintenance, like drain cleaning services.
  • You’re updating your septic system. Switching from a traditional septic tank to the city sewer system? You might choose to do this if your septic tank needs repairs, or if a new town bylaw in Nassau or Suffolk country requires it. If so, you’ll need a new sewer line to make the change. We can help you from start to finish!
  • You’re constructing a new residential or commercial building. If you’re building a new home or business on Long Island; you’ll need a new sewer line, too! An excavation allows you to install this essential system on a new property.

What can I expect when Excavating my Sewer Line on Long Island?

Before any work can start, excavators will mark all utility lines. Accidentally hitting a utility line may cause a service outage in your area and can cause injuries to your neighbors in Nassau or Suffolk county. Careful and precise planning is key to a successful sewer line repair. Next, the workers will use video inspection technology to assess the condition of your pipes. They need to get a closer look at your sewer line. Based on what is seen inside, we can help you select a strategy that’s best for your property, pipes and budget. Depending on town codes, permits may be needed to proceed with the repair.

Being a homeowner on Long Island requires consistent maintenance. At some point or another, most home and business owners deal with a damaged sewer line. A prompt replacement is the key to minimizing damage or exposure to any hazards. Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the right excavation method for your sewer line repair on Long Island.

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