Cesspool Excavation and Replacement

Reliable Contracting is a trusted source for Septic System installations and Cesspools on Long Island. Our team has the experience and knowledge you need when excavating or replacing a cesspool. A cesspool is a constructed underground vault used to dispose waste and sewage. A number of homes in Nassau and Suffolk county have cesspools. They are made of loose-fitting brick or concrete rings, which allows the liquids to seep through the brick gaps or perforations within the concrete rings, leaving the solid waste behind. Original cesspools are typically 3- to 4-feet in diameter and usually located 10 feet away from the exterior foundation of the home, in line with the main 4” sewer-vent pipe. Homes with crawlspaces or slab on grade construction have cesspools typically located about 3 to 5 feet below ground surface, while homes with a basement will commonly be 8 to 10 feet below the ground surface. At Reliable Contractors we know that when there is an issue with your cesspool, its an emergency. We will quickly and efficiently remedy the issues with your cesspool and get you back up and running in no time!

Why is it important to maintain my cesspool on Long Island?

Cesspools that aren’t maintained properly or that have been abandoned, can become unstable and collapse, causing a sinkhole or completely collapse within the yard. Falling into a collapsed or collapsing cesspool, that may contain liquids and sludge, can cause serious injury or death. If you suspect there is a dangerous issue with your cesspool on Long Island, contact us immediately. The area should be roped off immediately and only a qualified cesspool expert should attempt to go near the cesspool.

Do you need a Septic System installed or removed in Nassau or Suffolk county?

Installing or removing a cesspool on Long Island requires a specialty contractor. The contractor you use should be an expert in plumbing and electric and should be experienced in operating heavy machinery. It is important to note that the safety concerns and financial liabilities that can arise from anything less than a perfect tank installation are too great to take a chance. Don’t trust an inexpensive price, expertise comes with a price but it is well worth the investment.

If your Cesspool needs to be decommissioned, we will help you every step of the way. From filing the necessary permits to inspection after the process has been completed. Reliable Contracting has state of the art excavation equipment to dig to the top of the structure in order to expose and open the cesspool. After the cesspool lid is removed, the interior of the cesspool will be inspected and any contents will be removed. Our team will then completely fill the cesspool with gravel or sand. The soil on top of the cesspool will then be replaced.

Our Septic Services Include:

  • Above ground and underground tanks
  • Tank installation
  • Tank removal
  • Tank abandonment
  • Tank upgrades
  • Tank cleaning
  • Water tank installation
  • Pump and tank maintenance
  • Pump and line installation
  • Registrations, permits, design, and compliance
  • Fleet refueling systems
  • POS systems
  • Alarms and leak detection
  • Oil/Water separators

Reliable Contracting is a full service Septic System Installation service that has experience in working in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. We can install a septic system in any type of structure. Contact us today!

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